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We can't wait to see you. Please note that we operate by appointment only.

As we are a off the rail boutique (not made to order) It is so important to visit us when you are ready to commit to a dress. If you feel like it is too early to decide, please book an appointment for later in the year, I am not going anywhere, I promise.

There is no pressure (as always) but if you are not at the right stage in your search to commit to finding ‘THE dress’, or if you would just like to browse then now is not the right time to book an appointment. If your stuck on what this means or where you should start please feel free to contact us we are always here to give advice.

If you want to browse please check out the dresses on our website, Facebook, or Instagram . Although we have a lot more dresses in the boutique then on the website it will give you a good idea on our stock.  You can also view our Instagram and Facebook page,

 or please drop me an email and I can send over some suggestions.

  • Do you only stock sample dresses?
    We have a small selection of bridal separates that can be ordered in various sizes, other then that all our dresses are samples to take away.
  • How long is each appointment?
    Bridal Consultation appointments are one hour and 30 minutes Re-trial appointments last 45 minutes. Veil & Accessories appointments last 30 minutes. Fittings with seamstress are arranged independently - the seamstresses are self employed and are not employed by us, just recommended.
  • Do you allow photography?
    We are a relaxed bridal boutique so YES you allowed to take photos whilst trying on dresses. Just remember although it will give you a reminder to browse back at a photo taken on an iPhone of a Bride without her hair & make up done, wearing a gown that is very likely not going to fit her - with clamps and pins all over the gown will not be the true representation.
  • How many people can I bring to the appointment with me?
    We have a policy of 3 guests maximum due to space. Any additional will be asked to leave unfortunately. We also request that children have a play date whilst your dress shopping as it leads to a distraction.
  • Are all of your dresses on this website?
    Unfortunately we are not authorised to share images of all our dresses due to the designers preference. So the good news there is always more dresses then you see on the website available. If you are looking for a particular dress or style you can always contact us before you book an appointment.
  • What is a sample dress?
    A sample dress is just one that has been tried on in the boutique. It is an ‘off the peg’ dress that we only have one of. Once it’s gone it’s gone.
  • How do the payments work?
    All dresses made be paid in full and the dress to be taken away with you. We do offer a 14 day deposit non-refundable £100 deposit option if you just need to have a moment to clarify you have found the one or need to sort the remainin balance. After the 14 days if you are moving forward with the purchase then you are required to pay the full balance and collect the dress to take home. We accept bank transfer, cash, Paypal all major cards except American Express. We do not accept Cheques.
  • Do I have to book an appointment to try dresses on?
    Yes, we operate by appointment only 7 days a week, so we may not be there if you are just passing by. Our telephones are always managed so just give us a quick call or book your appointment with our online booking system.
  • When should I start looking for my dress?
    You should come and visit us when you feel emotionally and financially ready to purchase your dress. Once a dress is sold it is immediately not available and we will not be able to source that dress again. Most brides look to purchase within 10 months of their wedding, which we would recommend. We know how exciting it is to be newly engaged and to start the excitement of dress shopping but if you have 2 years to go then it is unlikely you are going to commit to a dress, and new styles evolve so frequently within the boutique you are best to visit us in our suggested timeframe.
  • Do you offer storage for dresses?
    Unfortunately we cannot offer storage due to a lack of space outside of the boutique shop floor. We hope you understand but your dress will be in a protective bridal bag to keep it safe.
  • What prices are your dresses?
    Our stock is between £500-£2000. The majority of our stock is between £800-£1200.
  • How do fittings work?
    When you decide on ‘the one’, We have a recommended seamstress who we use to make your dress fit you perfectly. We will give you their details when you purchase your dress, you can then book in with them and take your dress to them, at a time convenient to you. The seamstresses are self-employed and will require you to pay them once the alterations have been completed. We advise you to have your first fitting 6 weeks before your wedding. Your subsequent fittings will then be booked after your first one.
  • What is your policy on children?
    However much we love children we do not allow children into the boutique. From our experience it makes very easy distractions to the appointment, so why not make the most of it and get them looked after and then you can pop across the road to the pub afterwards.
  • What should I wear to my appointment?
    We suggest you wear underwear that you don’t mind being seen in! It might seem obvious, but do try to wear flesh-coloured, seamless underwear if possible. Alongside this, try to wear a good, uplifting strapless bra. Bad underwear affects the way material sits whereas good underwear will help the gown look its best. There will be a number of dresses that will require your bra to be removed, so if you are uncomfortable then a stick on bra is a option for you. You do not need to bring shoes - we have a no shoes policy as these are our gowns for sale so we prevent the chance on any damage being made. We have a bridal box that will give you the effect of wearing heels.
  • What sizes are your samples in the shop?
    We currently stock samples ranging from size 8 – 24, see our collection page to view some of the dresses we have available. Dresses can be altered by our or any seamstress and can usually go up/down by a size or two. (depending on each dress). As our sample collection constantly varies, the sizes that we stock will vary over time. Bridal sizes tend to be on the small side so don’t be put off if you have to go up a size.
  • I only have a few weeks/months until my wedding can you help me?
    Yes!! Our amazing samples are ready to go and we have a amazing seamstress on hand to make it fit you perfectly whether you have months or weeks to go.
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